INTERPRETING services – both simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage – are offered by our Translation Gallery. A special gift of hearing-and-translating at the same time, getting the gist of the story and bringing the right message across is worth of a competent interpreting artist...

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TRANSLATION is reliable when language specialists have vast experience in specialized fields, work in a team while refining the quality, and are eager to comply with the needs of the client...

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VOICE-OVER work is an artistic craft which demands more than just simple voice-recording. Specialists – who are also called “voice talents” or “voice artists” – should be able to feel the content, convey corresponding emotions, emphasize the right words and create a certain ambience...

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PROOFREADING is a strenuous task requiring special skills of language competence, “keen ear” for mistakes and close attention. Sometimes it is easier to re-translate than to correct something that was done in poor quality...

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